Severe Lag online servers

Does anyone else get lag in the online environment it’s barely playable on my Nexus 6p even when I turn graphics down, running on broadband with no issues, when I play solo I can run the game maxed out graphics…

What server if this is Training Server 1, it was getting full so Laura created another Training Server.

Make sure you turn down the “Aircraft Count” setting in the Live settings tab - this is the real killer when flying online in a busy area.

With the update there is an extremely high number of flights on the servers, so this could also be a factor, especially on older devices, cams advice should solve it though :)

In theory, server load shouldn’t have a direct impact on lag - it’s more to do with what’s being rendered in app :)

That’s what I meant but couldn’t get it across, more planes to process etc 😂

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