Severe Lag and UI issue with 747-400


So every time i try to fly the 747-400 i always get severe lag and UI issue which makes the game basically not playable. It only seems to be with the 747-400 which is a shame cause i was excited to fly from EHAM - KLAX. It doesnt matter what livery but this happens every time i try to fly the 747-400. Every other aircraft works perfectly fine.

Phone - Samsung Note 5

Infinite flight settings

  • Everything is on medium
  • Anti aliasing is off
  • Limit frame rate is also off

Unfortunately i cant upload a video here so i have uploaded it to my Instagram


What device are u on and did u try anything to solve the problem?


It says on my post: Samsung note 5 and yes i tried restarting the app, lowering the graphic settings and restarting my phone but still the same


First of I would try to clear cenery cache,
Settings —> general —> clear cache. And I would try to reinstall the app. And the Samsung note 5 is getting a older device.


Oh whoops i forgot to mention i have also done those 2 things aswell


@Starley is better in those situations :) he knows loads about tech.


And this really does not happen with other 747 variants or with a bit more detailed aircraft such as the 787?


How are your device performing with other apps graphically? Any other games or similar you can try?


I regularly use the Note 5, although it got to the point where it was impossible to go to congested airports and use high settings without it being 5fps. So I think it’s to do with the device rather than an Infinite Flight issue.


No just the 747-400


I run PUBG on high Fortnite and i can run youtube graphically high with no problem and i get absolutely no lag and no lag on regular apps


Really, I usually play on High graphic settings and i have 0 problems and high FPS so there must be something wrong with your phone


If you need any more vids. I will give them to Scott ellis paddon to give you cause i know scott is with the beta team


I’ve got the same issue with the 787 family, and it’s definetly not my device - mine is new. (Huawei Nova 3i).


Its weird that its only specific aircraft but every other aircraft is fine


@schyllberg Any updates on the problem?


It’s hard to figure out an issue only affecting one user with a very specific aircraft I’m afraid.
I would try:

  1. Uninstall Infinite Flight
  2. Restart your device
  3. Reinstall

Hopefully that will improve but it’s a weird one.


I will give that a go and let you all know if it worked


Before I went to delete the app i decided to check one last time after the update and it seems to have stopped to a playable level. Its weird why it would be doing this but it seems to be fine now and im hoping it stays like that fingers crossed. Thanks for your help and hopefully i wont need to make a post in the future with the same problem!


However @Ryan_Lee Seems to have a problem with the 787 on a brand new only released this year device so maybe there is a download issue where the model isnt streaming correctly or some sorta issue where we arnt getting the files properly but its different for every device?. Idk but it works for me now