Severe Headwinds slowing me down

hey guys, right now im flying from Auckland to Chengdu on air new Zealand b777-300 on the training server… im currently flying over the tasman sea and im getting headwind of almost 150 knots and i only have 13 hrs of fuel and im 15hrs away from Chengdu. i had 86% of fuel before takeoff, im cruising at a speed of 365 knots right now. is there anything that i can do to solve this problem?

You can check to see if a better flight plan would be more efficient. However, I think just waiting out the winds should be fine. You can check again in a few hours if the headwinds are still going strong.


also, my plane is struggling to maintain its altitude

What was your VS to cruise altitude?

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ok, do you think descending to a lower altitude will solve the problem, just wanna know your opinion

What altitude are you right now, and how heavy are you?

Descending to a lower altitude could help. Like I said, will tell you what altitude has the most favorable winds. :)


right now im at fl350 and was climbing at 3000 VS/FPM

ok… will look at the website the you put

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3000 FPM is too high for a climb to FL350. Next time, try climbing at about 1500. This should solve your issue about not staying at a certain altitude.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a fix, but you should be able to search the forums, as I know for a fact that this has happened before.


and as i fly farther away from the coast of new zealand, the winds get stronger

the website you gave me to look at is interesting,but when im trying to pinpoint the winds on, the results are not that accurate

Yep, happened to me during the event hosted by the regulars (thanks again regulars!). Had around 200 knots of headwind during my cruise. Ended up landing late (I follow actual flight (SQ286 AKL-SIN)) at SIN (40 mins late).

Not sure if you tried using as TapieiGuru recommended to see the winds before takeoff, I may be mistaken but they would measure only winds on the ground. But it usually is a good indicator of what is happening above in the sky. If you just use Simbrief to plan your flight plan only, you can select SIGWX in the map and see the winds as well and see how much wind at the respective FLs (FL340 as an example). Worst-case scenario, in the LIDO flight plan provided by Simbrief, you can check your actual fuel burn and predicted fuel burn to see if they correlate with your actual fuel burnt (interchangeable with Fuel remaining and Predicted/ actual fuel on board). If they don’t, monitor it and see if the actual fuel burnt for your flight is higher for the respective waypoints they give. If so, plan a suitable contingency airport, along your flight path, to land and take on extra fuel. The 777(B77W(the aircraft I fly most)) should be a fuel-saving monster when using Simbrief. You may end up land a few tonnes heavier at your destination.

Hope it helps.

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i did use but not before takeoff and i measured the winds at FL340

Hmm, you should be fine then, if fuel is your concern, then you don’t have to worry. As for the turbulence and the state of affairs in the cabin… not so much :(

Enjoy your flight anyways :)

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Interesting. It’s always been pretty accurate for me. Have you checked to see if the time and altitude are correct? is acurrate, for some reason i didnt put to the current time

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thanks for recommending me, very cool and helpful website to use

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You’re welcome! Hope it comes in handy in the future!

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