Severe close call at SFO today

Just experienced a super close near collision today while landing on 28R at SFO. Everything on the part of the approach controler was going very smoothly and i received a pretty good separation. I established the glide slope and got handed to tower. I requested landing confirmation and got it right after. I was landing ILS because the visibility was super poor (as seen in pic 1). Now I’m not sure if that was due to a scenery but. It might have been as it happened to me a couple days back too but much worse conditions in that case (the runway markings and lights didn’t even appear). This time it was good enough for an instrument landing. I touched down, activated reverse thrust and auto brakes activated too without any problems. Now if you know SFO you’re familiar with the crossing runways. Usually if you land on any of the 28 runways, if you’re in a small enough aircraft or if you brake effectively enough you can manage to exit before crossing 1R. I planned to exit after because my assigned gate was in the F terminal more to the west. Meaning i had to cross both runways (there is no exit between. Now what i wasn’t aware of while buse with the braking was that in the meantime a United 737 received take-off clearance on 1L! And that was about when i touched down so it was rolling! Due to the super thick mist i had no clue. Literally while i was crossing the runway he was talking off from i looked to the left and here he was flying mere metres over my plane. Could have been more drastic. The plane parallel landing with me could have gotten hit too. Now on expert server, in such a busy airport (about 70 arrivals at that time) that seemed a bit ridiculous i have to say. The controller went offline right after the incident but I don’t know if that was because of it or if he was already getting off and that’s why maybe he didn’t pay enough attention anymore and just wanted to clear last bunch of planes. I’m not the type to tell on controllers even if they make a mistake. I really appreciate their work that makes this game enjoyable and realistic. I’d love for the controller to take notice tho, so i hope he sees this and will take more caution next time. Best regards, everyone makes mistakes myself definitely included 😅. I attached images of the incident one from the actual live flight with the mist present and the other from replay with the the near collision 😬💥


This is certainly concerning, and I apologize that this happened to you. The IFATC supervisor team is in contact with the controller and will make sure this is addressed appropriately.


Hello @Eliax,

Controllers should always strive to provide the best servicing possible even with high volumes of traffic. Mistakes and inconveniences do happen, but if you want the controller to be aware of what happened I recommend you PM them rather than making a post. Or instead, contact a IFATC Supervisor, nonetheless you can find the controllers IFC in the ATC menu “Tower active for x mins - (IFC)”.

However I think the picture you took is pretty cool!


Oh i see, yes that’s probably a better way. Next time I’ll do that. Yeah the pictures… that’s something you don’t see too often in IF 😅 I was quite shook when it happened to me, the other guy really came out of nowhere, thank you for the appreciation 👍

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Thats not unusual, Paralel landings at SFO are always happening, this situation is different.

(If you cant see, i was replying to @ItzSkyzerYT )

Oof 😬 I feel you. Yeah it was quite a crowded risky day at SFO and the visibility was really unusual. I entered a super thick fog already at about 4000ft. Could see just about couple meters around me. It was so bad i thought it was actually a scenery bug but apparently it wasn’t. All other textures were fine 🤷

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Is LHSO a thing in IF? Maybe you got LHSO clearance? Can’t remember if that is a thing in IF, sorry, been a hot minute since I was active on live.

@KPIT Im not familiar with the term. What do you mean?

Land and hold short, I assume if you aren’t familiar it isn’t a common thing or a thing at all on IF live.

LAHSO is not a thing in IF, nor should it be used by controllers. This is a runway incursion.

@KPIT right! Sorry just couldn’t decipher the short that quick. Well as far as i know holding short is only a thing for planes already on ground. I’m really not sure tho because i was never a certified IFATC and I don’t know what is in their prewritten command list that they can use. They probably can clear you for a landing and then tell you to hold short of any particular point i think. Would be cool in the future if the ATC’s could use a real mic in IF don’t you think? 😃

@Thunderbolt Yes i agree. It wouldn’t be of much help to me in this situation even if it was. It’s a really short distance if i were to even try to break the 757 before 1L or 1R.

It’s not a command we can use in IF, but they use it in real life, also we can’t use voice atc because of the issue with profanity and it is hard to supervise

@BenjiTheBull Yeah i mean there definitely are some issues that would go along with it, just thought it would be cool. If their commands would be recorded maybe they could be reported via screen recording the replays and reporting it and that way the profanity would at least have consequences. But obviously i know it’s much more complicated unfortunately

There are way too many issues with recording people…

It makes me wonder if ATC, gave takeoff clearance because they were just anticipating the 1’s crossing because like you said that’s the first reasonable exit for the 28’s, and they’re probably so used it. Do you remember your ground speed when you crossed the 1’s?

Also sort of unrelated (and the reason this thread’s title caught my eye) I live and work near SFO IRL and the visibility and dense fog was spot on lol.

@Thunderbolt that’s true. The old microsoft FS had this feature and it really didn’t work too well at all. It isn’t really feasible i just thought if it was, it would be very cool

@Veloist Not sure i understand what you mean by them anticipating the 1’s crossing. Like that he would cross the runway after i already passed the crossing or that i would turn before the crossing? To your question i was going about 50kts closing in on the speed at which i would be able to make the turn off the runway however as i said i couldn’t brake fast enough to make that speed before the crossing, the plane made the touchdown (Autoland) just a little too late for me to try that. I didn’t know that about the fog, that’s very interesting! the operations must be a real challenge

No one exits before 1ʻs at SFO, unless you hit the ground hard and your wheels break causing you to not be able to even cross the 1ʻs

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I feel like that could definitely be a useful tool at busy airports with crossing runways but probably a lot of chaos and misunderstanding that comes with. Obviously a runway incursion here, just trying to clarify if the blame may not be as obvious.