“Several users reported”

Ok this might sound a bit dumb, but after landing at TNCM and back taxing. I wouldn’t see why I’ve been reported. But can someone tell me if being reported is the same as being ghosted? It’s saying now I’m a grade 2 for a week?

Reported is the new term for Ghosted

Reporting is the same as a ghost.

You can contact the controller at the time to ask why.

Hello @Gussy.03,

Being reported is the game as being ghosted.

Please check your logbook to see who ghosted/reported you and contact them if you have any questions.

Go to your logbook, click on your most recent flights and then click on the ‘i’ for flight details.

The name of the lad who ghosted you should be there.

You can PM him/her directly if you find his account here or seek assistance from one of our moderators :)

Maybe I’m wrong, I apologize.

It’s by the name Brandon

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Most likely @Brandon_Sandstrom reported you. Contact him via PM so you can figure this out. If it is not him, go to your Logbook and find out who


Ok fair enough I’ll ask him it happened over Unicom

Some pilots have ghosting abilities so yes do message him and find out.