Several Crashes and FPS drops while flying and editing

The 23.1 has arrived and with, some bugs came in the luggage too. I’m reporting here some issues that I and some friends had, longer with the simulator after the 23.1 update.

The devices descriptions will be displayed on the final of this topic.

First - The simulator had crashes several times in the middle and in the beginning of the flights.

Second - I tried to edit the airport I’m working and when I started the edit session and selected the satelite imagery to start work, doesn’t crashed, but the message pop-up saying - “Infinite Flight is not responding”, had showed up several times, even with the session running normally. In this case the app didn’t crashed, but the pop-up message got in the way a lot, making it impossible to edit.

Third- A bug that I already has reported and still happening. At big airports like JFK, FRA, DXB etc. The simulator has a big FPS drop, it’s insanely, in my case is still playable, but a friend reported a big FPS drop which made impossible to fly.

Overall are these bugs I have to report for now on, if someone have something to report, please fell free. Remembering this topic is for Android bugs, so if your case it’s IOS, I suggest to you create your own topic, just not to confuse the discussion here. :)

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 128gb/ 6gb RAM - Tablet
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro 256gb/ 8gb RAM
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 128gb/ 4gb RAM
Samsung A52s 5G 128gb/ 6gb RAM

Cc: @rafa_alvex and @CMDT_LIMA


Hello IFC, unfortunately I have recent Crash cases. The most recent one, I was on a flight with a friend of mine when I noticed that I was using the wrong callsing, when I paused the flight to perform the change my flight simply closed.

Xiomi Poco F3 / 8gb RAM - Android


I also remembered a thing, during somes flights, sometimes I need to pause the game and enter in the settings or weather page to change something, and the simulator just freeze for some likes 5-10 seconds, and after come back to the normal.


I would like to report a problem that I am having with the Simulator, I am having problems with crashing, most of my international flights that I take are crashing, the screen freezes and does not come back, it only comes back if you restart the simulator, help us with that please 🥺


What are your graphic settings? I had the same issue before but now I believed I fix it by changing a few settings.


Is full at all, but the problem for sure is not the graphics, once that my devices has performance enough and to spare for the simulator


I would lower your graphics, particularly 3D object density. Try lowering it to medium or low and maybe turn off anti-aliasing if it is on and lower your FPS to 30 if you have it set to 60. These things can make your game crash. Also I recommend lowering your graphic quality to medium also. If these issues still persist, I recommend either deleting IF → restart your device → reinstall IF. Doing this you will lose all of
your replay files. I ain’t in the tech industry but I just had this issue and doing this helped fix it. Hope this helps!



The problem with a lot of Xiaomi devices are not the individual components being low performance. Quite the opposite. However, the bandwidth between them are extremely poor which is causing a lot of issues for apps like Infinite Flight utilizing both CPU & GPU a lot. This is the primary issue when it comes to frame rate performance on these devices.


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