Several Connection Issues

Hello Guys… Today I was flying 3 times in the London Region on the Expert Server. But sadly i was not able to finish any of them… On every Flight, after probably 10 mins of flying, there were several Connection Issues, all Aircraft switched from normal to Unknown, before they fully dissappeared for 1 min… then they came back, and a few seconds later the same procedure started again…
The Connection Icon was green all the time, i had also a perfect Internet conection (4G all the Time)

On my Last flight after these Issues, a Popup Notification showed up, which said, there was already another Connection with my Account, but that is completely impossible, because no other Device was using my Account at the same time.

I hope, someone can help me… Things like delete and redownload the App are done by me, and it happened again.


Someone else is using your account


Sorry to hear,
Can you just tell me your;
Current software on the device
Current IF version
Also, do you use your account on another device? The bar on the top right turns orange when these issues happen, correct?


I would PM one of the devs and ask them if it’s possible to be hacked


Why would someone hack that account though? Typically doesn’t happen.


There are a lot of trolls on the Training Server. You never know

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Yep. Always a possibility.

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Device: iPhone 6s
Software on device: iOS 10.2.1 (actual Version)
IF Version: latest Version

I don`t use another device, and no one other use my account

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i was on Expert server…

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I know you mentioned you were on a 4G signal, but is there anyway for you to connect to a WiFi signal and see if the same situation occurs?


no, my WiFi was not in use, while flying… i never do that

Try connecting to WiFi, try that. If that doesn’t work, delete Infinite Flight and reinstall it, try to restart your iPhone, and see if those work :)

Or report to David, he’s the chief police of IF and security

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i tried that before, it did not help

Contact a dev (David preferably), he can maybe get a log of what IP address has logged into your account.


I just said this! 😂😂 Cough Cough


Haha…Sorry! Two is better than one!



Thanks for the report and congrats on your addition to IFATC today! I’ll be handling your support issue. It does not appear any other users have used your account. Please verify you have only used Infinite Flight on an iPhone 5 & 6S? Has the issue continued since that flight? If the problem continues please don’t hesitate to PM me so I can investigate further.

Update: Another user had similar issues while in the same region, but it occurred after issues connecting to the server throughout the session. My theory is that you disconnected from the server and when it reconnected registered that you were already using the account (because you were flying).



Are you sharing your account with someone else, because so how it looks like, is someone using your account!

Hey Tyler, thanks…

No, the Issue has not Continued since then… i guess that were because the region was very crowdet at this time so…

Anyway, thanks for your help, i will PM you if the Issue appears again :)

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