Sever Access Denied Too Many Violations

I havent been playing Infinite Flight for quite a while now and its says I have to many violations on my account when it clearly says 0 violations on it

Go to LiveFlight to seee your total ghost count (But you can fly on TS1 and Casual for now)

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Maybe its because of your total ghost or violation count, and yes go on LiveFlight to check the totals.

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Do I have to download it on my pc?

No, you don’t have to, its available on most platforms

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I have an android what is it called on the android version?

Still, just try to search up ‘LiveFlight’. :)

This is referring to the total violations. Not the violations accrued in the last 7 days. Like the others have mentioned, go to LiveFlight and find your aircraft either on the ground or flying around to find your total violations.


I havent played for like 3 months

That’s fine. But the violations still remain with you for an infinite time.

And where do you go on live flight

See this.