Is it possible for me to ask you pilots and airmans to pass me the weather settings for various approaches, and flights such as VTOL, Crosswind etc.

I don’t know

No one knows.

Vertical takeoff? None of the planes in IF are VTOL-capable. There are some STOL aircraft though.

Long live the DC-9!

And if you’re interested in malking a crosswind, change the wind heading to perpendicular (or within 45 or so degrees of perpendicular to make it good) of the runway, jack up the wind speed and gusts and try crabbing down (I think that’s the word…)

Long live the DC-9!

@Boeing707 VTOL Osprey and V/STOL Harrier is cool, easy to make xp points with these 👍

Just found the tutorial for VTOL in IF, hope it helps!

You asked wrong people about VTOL. Sorry😄 your flying style look bit different to ours. Hope you find fan group of yours👍👍

If you need weather, runway information, you gotta tune into ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) it’s only available in advanced server

(@GatwickGuy)(@Boeing707). You know me gotta put in my tuppence!

I Opine; The Osprey is not a true VTOL, it’s a Hybrid like an Autogyro. Only the Brits and Rus make/have a V/STOL today, the Harrier (UK) some Yak-38 (Forgers/Rus) are still hanging around in, lets call it PVOStroney (Homeland AirDefence). Rus & PRC have a joint project going interesting enough the V/STOL J-41, no NATO code name yet. (Military A/C Only)

By the way GatewickGuy ATIS is available only on the Advanced Server “Sometimes”!

No disrespect intended, Just Sayin, Warm Regards & Correct me if I’m wrong, Max Sends

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