Settings And Help in the Main Menu

Although very small, quickness is a big thing, and some people have the setting set to go to the main menu, where they would have to choose an option (Solo, Live, or ATC) and from that point be able to reach settings and help pages for the simulator. What if they where on the main menu screen as well, where the list of events and news are? Pretty small, but some of the same things make a bing difference.

As you can see in the first one, the settings and help aren’t present, where as in the second, they are. Why not both
Credits to @Chuckles for the photos


Good idea. But we don’t want a cluttered screen 📺

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Might look a little weird having a less ‘clean’ main screen

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Yes :). All the easier people can get to info, the better IF will be.

It wouldn’t really clutter the screen too much, since it would be tucked away in the corner. Even in the Solo, Live, or ATC screen, if you don’t need to use that section, you probably won’t even notice it