Setting yourself challenges in IF

I want to set myself a challenge for my flights for the rest of this month. The challenge is that I must take off at the same airport I landed at for my last flight. For example, my most recent flight was from Mumbai to Cochin, so my next flight must depart from Cochin. An additional challenge that I have is that I must fly routes that actually exist, so if I want to go to London I can either use a 77W to fly to Dubai (Emirates route) and then onwards to the UK or wherever else I want to go from there or I can use a 788 to fly directly to Gatwick (Air India route). I find this makes me far more conscious of the routes I fly and I get the feeling I’ll stick to one continent at a time before switching it up by means of a single long haul flight.

What do you guys all think about this challenge? Do you have any other suggestions for challenges in IF? Please share!


1: Do not get mad with people in training while doing ATC

2:Make a 🧈 landing

3:Do a Long-Haul flight

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Ive done this before

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Seems like an interesting challenge! I suggest doing this in the Live category :)

This sounds like a good idea. Always fun to mix up things once in a while.

I’ve never been a fan of the “depart from where you arrived” idea, because then you’d have to use the same plane in the same livery too to make realistic, but I love the “only fly real routes” one. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever flown a route on the Expert Server that isn’t in real life.

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I don’t worry too much about the aircraft type, after all, pilots can have multiple type ratings. Liveries aren’t really ever something I look at while flying in IF but I do like hearing different call signs

1: Do a flight at 15.000 feet 6+ hrs
2: Fly across the Pacific with maximum 3 stops in an A318.
3: Fly higher than Mt Everest in a C172.

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