Setting up the rudder on a controller

I am using a controller for IF but I can’t find the way to set the rudder on the controller, if there is a way to do so I would really appreciate an answer, thanks.

Some of these tips can help.

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Hello there @DCBEAST!
The link that Nate posted above me is comprehensive, and should be able to answer most of your questions. For your rudder, you want to link your ‘yaw’ controls with the appropriate axis on your joystick/yoke/pedals.

However, if you still need some more help, feel free to ask more questions. We are all happy to help you out!

Thanks for the quick response, I am using a ps4 controller but the problem is when I go to setting to det up the commands I don’t see the option to set up the rudder that way 😕

Are you on an Android or iOS device?


it only gives the option for elevator trimmers

Go to the ‘Axes’ tab on the top. Yaw should be under there.

@HiFlyer you got it, I don’t know how I missed that, lol, thanks a lot! It seems like that was it! Thanks again!

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