Setting up APPR

Can’t figure out how to set up the APPR. I am a slow learner and need simple step by step instructions


Hey! Check this out:

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This will actually be a better help to you, @Paul_Paramore :)

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I have been having issues using APPR also. Although I believe I understand the instructions, it would be nice to be able to see a video with a large jet to fully better understand the new APPR sequence.

Perhaps this video will help you out. Feel free to take a look.


Thanks, still trying to figure it out though

Paul, perhaps this will help:

Let’s assume the airport’s elevation = 0, you have descended to 3000 feet (ALT=3000), you are holding steady at that altitude (VS=0), and your plane is pointing generally towards the runway - doesn’t have to be perfect. You are roughly 10 or 20 miles out. Earlier, when you were within 27 nm of the airport, you switched to the map screen, selected your airport and desired ILS runway, and then set NAV1 to that runway.

Back on the main screen, because you set NAV1 to an ILS runway, you wait and eventually see a small green diamond slowly descending to the 3000 feet mark on the altitude tape. When it gets close to the 3000 feet mark - doesn’t have to be perfect - you only have to do three things:

1- press the NAV button and set Source to NAV 1.

  1. press the AP/ON button under the NAV button to re-display the autopilot icons.

  2. press the APPR/NAV button and select APPR.

APPR will now lock on to the glide slope and runway, and land the aircraft. Of course, you have to help by lowering the gear, arming the thrust reverser, setting the flaps, reducing to landing speed, etc.

Hope this helps.


Robert your way sounds a lot better, but whenever I set to nav1 my plane immediately banks to the right. I usually select my airport and runway before takeoff. When I get to the 27mi point and go to select the airport I never see a selection of runways like I used to. I’m sure International airports like KMCO AND KJAX have ILS Runways.

Man I must be the dumbest pilot in the world cause I can not get the APPR set for my life. It sounds so simple the way you explain it but I can’t get it to work!

Don’t you even try saying that, bud. There’s always worse. If you underestimate yourself, then yeah, that’s a really dumb idea. Don’t do it. 😉

Thanks! I appreciate it very much! I just wish I could get it figured out.

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You’ll get there! 👍😉

Step by step with video

  • Select altitude at 2500 AGL

  • select the airport on the map

  • select runways

  • highlight runway you wish to use that has an ILS.

  • select NAV 1.

  • check runway magnetic heading.

  • go to NAV screen if you are still using NAV from your flight plan de select it and use heading.
    *Select Nav 1 as your source

  • Set Nav 1 CRS to that of the runway magnetic heading.

  • Go to AP select APPR.

  • Use HDG to pass over the end of the ILS cone at no more then +- 30° from the runway magnetic heading.


Video done from a base leg same rules apply however.

Any questions feel free to ask ✌️


Paul: if your plane immediately banks to the right when you set to NAV1, that just means that you are not lined up with the ILS runway you selected for NAV1. The runway must be off to the right of where your plane is currently pointed, and NAV1 is turning your plane to take you there. The solution is to have your plane pointed straight down the center line heading of that runway before you set to NAV1. If you have done that, the plane will continue straight on when you set to NAV1. You don’t have to be perfect. You can be off by a few degrees (I usually am) and the plane will bank a little to line itself up, but you will get a large bank if you are off by several degrees. You may be approaching the runway too close in and at too great an angle. Try lining up with the runway further out, say 20 miles, to see if that helps. Good luck.


Also ensure that you are flying a plane that is equipped with APPR, like the A320
When setting up the APPR, try keeping movements as smooth as possible and follow what others have said.
We’re sure you will get used to it.
Good luck!

This is so well put!

Yes, I finally got it figured out thanks to the way you explained it. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!!!

Hey Robert, just wanted to thank you for your help. So simple the way you explained it. Now tell me why every time I’m just about to land at KLAX or KSFO just before I get to the runway the my whole screen just crashes and disappears?

Hi Paul. Just saw your question. That sounds like a hardware issue, not a problem with IF. Without knowing what device you are using, my guess would be insufficient memory on your device. The usual solution would be to turn your device off, and then on again to clear memory. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response!