Setting up a VA?

I’ve always wanted to set up my own virtual airline but I don’t know how. I’ve found a few ways but you’ve got to pay for them so I was wondering if anybody knows how to set a VA up for free. Also I know you need a website but I can sort that out.
thanks Josh

What I would use:

Registration: Google Forms and Sheets
Keeping track of flights etc: Forms and Sheets
Website: Weebly

Thank you that helps a lot! ;)

Another suggestion is Wix. I used Wix, and there is a specific skin for airlines To choose. It is super easy to use. I use for Pilot Reports and Pilot Applications.

There is a website platform called phpVMS which is specifically designed for VAs but is hard to figure out.

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Tristin Woolf, Temporary CEO of ICG

Thank you so much me and a few others are working on it.
CEO of TUI virtual Josh

You need these things to make a VA:
1-Time. You need to put a lot of effort into a VA. You must be ready at any given moment.
2-A website. Making a good website is crucial in making a VA. You can use online website makers or if you know coding, code a site and you could ask a person to make a website (with code) for you.
3-Patience. Making a VA is hard. Take a word from me. A VA may not be successful at first. You must be patient and believe in yourself. Asiana had no pilots at the first 1-2 months.

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