Setting Trim.

I was wondering how can you know how much trim do you need. Is their a calculator or a formula that I could use to know how much trim I need to have easier control on take off and landing. So if you know something that could help me please feel free to right it in a comment. Thanks in advance.

Look through the trim tutorial and your question will be answered. There is no one word answer as to how much trim should be used as it varies

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I usually adjust trim by feel. As far as I know there are no calculator app for trim.


I knew what it was used for but (juts like in P3D and other games) the plane calculated it based on the weight of the airplane and gave you how much trim you needed to use.

I see, unfortunately IF does not have the functionality of calculating trim therefore as said by @Xpira I guess you’re gonna have to have a feel for it.

Unfortunately I’m going to keep doing it as I was. I usually used between 10 to 25% trim.

That seems fine to me, if possible look at takeoff and landing tutorials which include the use of trim and how much is adequate. Some aircraft can make do with 20-30 while others use 40-50. Good luck!

Here is another tutorial on trim,

Thanks for the tips and good luck to you to.

See above for the trim tutorial and you should be set :)

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Just as a note, when using trim, if you have more forard pressure you apply forard trim and if you have backward pressure you apply bacward trim. I just try to pretend to feel that pressure.

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