Setting auto cruising altitude

Hi All,

I have a unique issue…when i takeoff and say put my VS at 1400 (any random number), the next thing I do is try to set the cruising altitude. At this point most often than not, my plane makes a sudden dip (around 300-400VS) before returning to 1400 (or any VS set). Mostly this happens below FL100 and the effect reduces when I set it after FL110+
Am I missing something here?
Any help would be appreciated.


Ive found that by setting an altitude first and then setting the VS fixes this.


set your cruise altitude prior to engaging the A/P and you don’t seem to get this. At some point after take off I then click on the altitude and it will hold the current V/S.

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Same happened to me, set altitude first, then the VS. Hope this works!

Happy Flying!

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Trying this out ASAP. Cheers guys!

Worked!! Thank you :)


great. I try and set the initial cruide altititde before I push back from the gate. Then I dont have any issues when starting the autopilot :)


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