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Hi everyone. Was wondering if someone could give me some set up help. I have IF installed on my iPad and it runs fine but I have recently acquired an iMac and iPhone so want to know best way to set up and get best possible experience.

1- can IF be downloaded to Mac or do I need to mirror it off my iPad?
2- seen liveflught and was wondering if this is worth loading to iPhone to use for flight info?
3- now I have a Mac looking to get joystick and was wondering how I link it up.

Any advice appreciated. I use IF frequently on iPad but just looking to improve my experience.

  1. No, there is no IF mac version
  2. Yes, liveflight is awesome! 100% recommended
  3. Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

Thanks for the quick reply.

Can I use mirroring on the iPad and Mac? Does it improve the experience?

Thanks for the tip on liveflight, will deffo download it.

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You can mirror your iPad to your Mac by using QuickTime Player… A quick google search should do the trick. It would just improve the experience by seeing it on a larger screen. Totally up to you! Cheers :)

Thanks so much for the advice. Will be nice to see it a larger screen. Will deffo give it a go.

I’d recommend LiveFlight connect.

Can I add to this query?

  • Am I able to mirror my phone display off my mac like with an AppleTV in order to show my flight on the macs display?

Take a look through the topic below and check out everyone’s IF Setups. Maybe you can get some good ideas ;)

There is no Mac version of Infinite Flight although, you can mirror it using Quick Time Player (I’m pretty sure). You can learn how to set up your joystick with this: Joystick Support in Infinite Flight.

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