Set Reminder at Altitude

Hello IFC!

Some of you might know about the already existing reminder that you are able to set as a radar controller. These reminders are helpful to controllers, especially during busy airspaces.

Currently, you are only able to set reminders for certain spots on the FPL, or in minutes as seen in the image below. It would be great to have the ability to set a reminder for an aircraft at a certain altitude!

How It Will Work

It’s pretty simple as all you have to do is tap the aircraft on the map, click “Set Reminder,” and a set of altitudes should pop up :)


As you may know, the surface ceiling for aircraft in the Approach / Departure frequency is FL180, having a reminder set for once they pass FL170 or FL180 would be very helpful as controllers have to monitor arriving aircraft too.

Thank you for viewing!

Nice Idea…I voted

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Was thinking about making this request myself a while back, I’ll be sure to clear a vote soon!

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Interesting idea, you got my vote

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One year later…

Good feature request, this would be super useful. Voted!


Nice idea. Voted!

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