Set Release Dates

Hi all, I don’t know if you agree, but I have a thought. We here are hungry like wolves when IF announces that they are either adding aircraft, adding features, or reworking objects. I think estimated release dates would solve the issue of the bickering towards the Devs here. For example, they could say that the 777 Rework will be out by mid March, so we don’t have to keep nagging the Devs for answers. Please type in any comments in agreement. Thanks

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And if it’s delayed it’ll end up with;

“But you promised!!!”

Tried that with the satellite imagery update covering the South America, South East Asia etc. Didn’t go well, unfortunately.



I meant as if you would set a date, but then say that there could be a 2 week delay. Just letting us know would be very helpful

We literally did that. We even announced the reasons for the delay and so forth, didn’t help.


I’d like to see it again though, and I think you guys are capable of doing the following. At least you say when do we have a sense of when it’s coming!!

We’re not going to do it again in the foreseeable future, unfortunately. This based on previous experiences.


I’d rather wait in anticipation then in disappointment.


Ok. Thanks for your help, can’t wait for the 772!

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