Set region size boundary

It’s hard to say how this will apply to global not knowing how global will look in terms of the map & mini map

But assuming it stays the same/similar how about a feature that gives an option to put a “box” around our current map. This way when planning a flight you could get a rough idea how long the flight will be based on the box which would be the “size” of a current region. Of course you could fly out of the box, it’s just lines on the map.

I know what I’m thinking, just doesn’t come out very well here but hopefully someone gets the idea.

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Wait… what?


Just take a marker and draw it…

Like what @Pradyut_Mandal said, you could just screenshot the map page, print it out and then draw your so called ‘box’ on. I’m sorry, your post is very hard to understand.

somebody said global will be in Country/states not regions I think

Or we could use this to delete saved maps so our device is less laggy or full.


I think what he means is on the minimap, that he wants it to stay a square around the current area you’re flying in. But, Laura has already confirmed that the map is round, not a square.


But we could also use the feature he is requesting to clear the map cache?

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Split the global map up into grids take live flight kinda thing as an example. Sorry, I’m well aware the post doesn’t make much sense.

Having the map split into grids would give us a better idea of the size of area we are flying in

Have the grids as a map overlay which can be turned on/off


Ahh… makes sense now. Good idea for a map toggle!

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I still don’t get the point… just pick two waypoints, create a flight plan between them, and it will show you the exact Nautical Mike distance? Why do you need some random box there, with nothing to refer the box size to, to assist with determining the size of an area you are flying in?

Down with the flat earth!

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Wait! What?
A festure request for Global?
You know, Global, that very anticipated thing we barely know anything about?

Let’s wait until we know what the devs have come up with.
Till then this is sort of futile, isn’t it?


Well, If it can be developed before global was pushed… Love the positivity and fore thought here :)

Maybe When you make the flight plan the time can be calcullated depending on winds etc

I can not understand this, why would you want a “box” around your aircraft? It doesn’t make any sense. Having a circle around your aircraft would surely be better as that way you know that every point on that circle is the same distance away.

However, there is a really simple way to work out your distance.

Tap on the airport hit the plus icon. Check flight plane page and you have the distance.