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hi, I have a question, I can not understand how to set the flight plan … since after departure I do not know where to go … sorry for the stupid question.
Thanks in advance

Do you mean you are having trouble picking out waypoints to go to your destination?

You can use and it will auto generate a flight plan for you to use, as well as your fuel!

The Infinite flight youtube channel have tutorials covering all parts of your flight

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If you are having trouble setting a FPL then check this out

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If you want an app to generate a flight plan for you, use fpltoif.
If you want to make a flight plan yourself, use skyvector. Nav log gives you all waypoints.
If you want to use an IRL flight plan for flights in US, Canada and Australia, flight aware has the flight plan for these (current routes only).

thanks for the answers … but this is also possible without the pro version? because now i’m trying solo mode

Hello, we all start somewhere.

First of all I recommend you find out what flight you wish to do at

Once you’re set with the flight you want to do, I suggest you looking into it will get all your crucial information about your flight. It will give most optimal route, altitude, SID’s and STAR’s.

After you generate your flight plan, head over to and go to simbrief classic and complete these steps.

  1. Go to SimBrief and file your flight plan.
  2. Click on “Generate OFP”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom where the downloadable plans are.
  4. The last entry says “XML Dataset” Copy the file name that it shows.
    For example KDFWKATL_XML_1515298418.xml

And from there, you’re all set.

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