Set manual waypoint by touching map

Does anyone know if it is possible to add manual waypoints by touching the map or something?
— Without knowing GPS coordinates —
Thank you

I don’t think there’s a way unfortunately your just gonna have to figure out the gps coordinates


IF really needs to advance their flight planning software


It’s already one the best flight plan system. The same on Aerofly and it’s bye-bye Infinite Flight


I didn’t understand a thing there

Infinite Flight has the best flight plan system

Not really, I mean it’s not very “realistic”.

It’s a game. I heard they will add satellite view and better cost drawing

Cost drawing? You mean like the coastline will be more realistic

Yes. My English is not what I would wish it to be

That’s grand I am thinking it’s not your first language either 👍

Yes, you can of sorts. Click on the airport and then the + sign which adds it to your FPL. Then, after engaging NAV, the aircraft will fly above that point before setting course for the next leg that you have entered, or destination, whichever comes first. Is this what you mean?

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He is talking about GPS coordinates so like setting 5 nm 270 degrees from VOR …

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Ah, I see. In that case, the airport method is the closest you’ll get to it.

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Or by just entering GPS coordinates?

Yes I do know it’s possible. But no. Without.
I tried to double tap somewhere, long touch, tap on flight plan to try to split it, nothing happened.


You might want to put in a feature request then, if one hasn’t already been done.

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It has been done a long time ago, maybe forgotten:

It could be: long-touch or double-touch somewhere on the map, it create a dot with handle and it opens the floating menu with the plus button. You can select the plus button and it appends the point to the flight plan, or you move the point and it re-opens the floating menu.
If you removes the point in your flight plan it deletes it on the map.
The points are deleted after the flight.

It would be a good idea.

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