Set flight path


I think if you pause the game it shouldnt crash your plane. In stead it should just keep all its parameters when it was paused like, heading, speed, altitude and everything else. So that way you wont crash if you pause the game. I got this idea from my rc plane


You can pause your rc plane and it just hovers in mid air?


Can you read this througly and you get the conept


I said that my rc plane flies straight at full power if it loses radio cemnection


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What he’s trying to say is that when you pause, the auto pilot should kick… I think


The problems with doing this in live are:

  1. If your plane just stops at that location, other planes won’t know what to do. Do we treat you as an active object or invisible?

  2. When you become active again, other aircraft could be within safe separation distance. Controllers wouldnt be happy.

  3. If you just keep flying straight (which is what pausing does now if you have autopilot on), you could be flying into controlled airspace unknowingly or into the path of other aircraft.

I’m not sure what the best solution is. Maybe it should make you disappear when you pause.


Ok i hate to say but you keep being ingnorant, read my whole paragraph. I CLEARLY STATED that the planes keep the same altitude and heading and speed they do not pause


Set your autopilot and pause then.

Like I said though the problem with that is you start flying into controlled airspace and wont be there to respond to controllers.


Isn’t this a simulator. Pilots cannot pause a flight in real life. They can however initiate Autopilot and then go find a tree! I’m not sure your idea fits in with the intent of the application.



Pausing a live flight isn’t possible. Because it’s live. However you could just set the auto pilot to hold altitude, speed and heading if you need a moment to step away. This may not help much with interruptions like an incoming call and whatnot, but there’s limitations that prevent the type of suggested automated system to take over that prevent it becoming realistic to add.


Last time I checked, on live it does just that?? Just set the AP.