Set Destination Airport?

Yo,cuz everytime I fly and check my flight on it only appears “Startairport”
but no Destination Airport,how to I set it?

Here is a screenshot of a example FL that I always make like this

I have had this happen before. Normally restarting live flight and giving it time to load will solve it.

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Sometimes it takes a few minutes to load in but there are some known fix issues within LiveFlight, so it will show as having no destination set until you pass a certain fix and then it will show.

Also some fixes will show as being on the other side of the world but your flight plan in the actual sim will look fine

I had this flying KMIA to LSZH the other day - nothing major to worry about

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Alright,thank you!

It seems like you did, but another reason often is forgetting to set the destination in the IF flight plan. I tend to forget it after adding the approach, but having it is not only god for LiveFlight but also helps ATC.

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What do you exactly mean?

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I was referring to the fact that the flight plan has to end with the airport (EDDK in the example below) for it to be displayed as the destination in LiveFlight:

Sorry for the confusion!


Yeah that’s exactly what I do everytime!But sometimes it just doesn’t show it on liveflight

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Ah, I see. As the other users already said it should load after a while normally.

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