Session Timeout

Now during a flight the app was some seconds on background and the session was finished.
I think, it is too much to close connection to live server after some seconds that app is in background…

Can you state which app please?

The app is Infinite flight

The timer is 45 seconds. It’s not too short. Putting the app in the background for a longer time period can cause connectivity issues along with other issues.


So (for example) if I’ll have wifi connection problems, while I’ll try to reconnect(46 sec) the session will be finished?
It is not good…

I disconnected once after 10-20 seconds?

I think that now I was background 10-20 sec too…

Yes, that’s the idea. 45 seconds is plenty. If you know you have bad internet it’s probably best not to play.

There was an issue early on of the release of 19.2 that caused premature disconnections, but it’s since been fixed.

Is it position of developers?

Sorry, what?

Suggestion not to play - this corresponds to the position of the developers?

If you are having connection issues, it is not recommended to fly on any of the online servers no.

Yep, as schyllberg said.

So, suggestion from support is to delete the game and look for another simulator?
(The every one can have connection issues during flight, so support don’t recommend to play instead of giving more time to gamer to solve connection problems)…

(now it wasn’t connection issue… I pushed in mistake button and app passed to background…and after some seconds session was finished)

You’re missing the point. That’s not my suggestion.

We’re talking about putting the app in the background for more than 45 seconds. This has nothing to do with connection issues you might be experiencing in that manner. But putting the app in the background could cause connection issues.

The timeout is actually longer if you’re:

  1. Not tuned into a frequency
  2. Engines off.

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