Session 'handoff' between devices

Would be super useful to be able to hand off a flight in progress from one device to another.

I have an iPad and an iPhone, sometimes I might like to use the tablet for something else or can’t carry it somewhere - would be cool to be able to open IF on the phone and see “Online session already active on another device. Would you like to take over the flight currently in progress on device ‘Joe’s iPad’? Cancel/Confirm”

Also handy if a battery is dying and can’t be charged, etc. Just dreaming here.

Sounds pretty cool

This would be useful - however, would probably be quite difficult to implement - especially when it comes to the multiplayer servers.

Might be an idea that the handoff feature is not available say on final approach - when it would be most likely cause issues online.

Handoff from one device to another would be fantastic.

Using the tablet for takeoff to a long haul,
Handoff to your phone and leave the house with it,
Coming back home after some hours and hand it back to the Tablet before landing.


Here is apples handoff short description:

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@Major-Tom Currently if I’m needing to do a long haul and unexpectedly leave the house, I’ll depart on my tablet, then before leaving the house I have to tether it to my phone’s hotspot and carry them both. Then it’s the “peek in the backpack and make sure it’s running” dance and make sure the bag is on my back while the phone’s in my pocket, you get it.

24.1’s Flight Resume is absolutely wonderful. Brilliant execution!

Could this suggested handoff functionality be woven in?

Here we all were a year ago talking about this - today we have Flight Resume, which is close - and your final approach constraint is a part of making that happen.

Amazing to use this sim since 2016 and watch it turn into what it’s become today!!