Session at EDDL (Expert)

Hi all, if you weren’t at the recent session of me controlling EDDL (IFATC-TFS Oli H) please move on from this topic.

What I am addressing today or what I’m saying is an apology to any aircraft I may have been delayed on or made a mistake with during this session. This happened at the end of the operation.

The airport became extremely busy in the end resulting in a packed ground and tower. You must understand I was controlling without approach so inbound aircraft were incredibly hard to vector with the ongoing noise form ground.

If I was delayed or shouldn’t have done something than I am truly sorry.

Going into my point a little I would like to address a small matter about common sense. Pilots you might have tower But the tower can’t do all the work.

If your sequenced… Vectored or cleared for something you must think and check what must be done. Especially sequencing.

A controller is actually quite limited so it’s also up to you to use common sense and follow the instruction to make the atc’s life easier. It might be extending downwind a little.

Anyway once again I do apologise and thank all the pilots who cooperated perfectly.


I was in the region and I saw that you were very busy. It’s for that reason that I renounced to land at EDDL and divert to EDLV. I agree with you that pilots are responsible for keeping a safe distance from the other aircrafts and in general to help ATC’s anticipating eventual conflicts with others and acting in a responsable way.


I saw as well I did a high fly over as I was going to land but it was extremely busy


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