[Services Completed & Routes Closed]Global Air Forces USAF Transatlantic Tankers @KWRI 141500ZMAY19

Hosted by GAF USAF & GAF EAF Virtual Air Refueling Squadrons


Greetings Infinite Flight Community. The GAF in collaboration with IFATC are providing transatlantic tanker support for military aircraft attempting to cross the Atlantic to Europe. The GAF USAF & EAF divisions are establishing NAT Routes that will traverse across the Atlantic Ocean. These routes will be manned with tanker support and will be open from the time IFATC begins manning the approved locations until region switch over.


All Day


RED Route: KWRI YQI YHZ YYT 5400N/4000W 5000N/3000W 5000N/2000W 5000N/1500W 5000N/1000W LND

GOLD HI Route: KWRI 4929N/5611W 5100N/5000W 5300N/4000W 5500N/3000W 5500N/2000W 5600N/1000W MAC

BLUE AMC NAT Routes: UZV CYYR 5500N5000W 5500N/3000W 5600N/2000W 5600N/1000W MAC

GAF USAF tankers will observe the following altitudes.

Red NAT Route: 28,000 - 35,000
Gold Hi Route: 20,000 - 38,000
Blue AMC NAT Route: 30,000- 40,000

Since most of the East Coast Air Force Base hubs for AMC will be Operational please use caution when operating in active air spaces. Remember fighter etiquette and practice good airmanship.

Additionally GAF EAF will be providing established routes across the Atlantic and around the UK. You can find more information at the following link.

Looking to join us in operations like this and more? Look into serving in one of the GAFs Air Force Divisions.


Excited for this dual operation to support our friends and colleagues across the IFC!


Definitely gonna be a powerful event for sure

This might be nice.

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Can non-USAF GAF members join?

Absolutely these are the routes that are open to everyone.

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Ok thanks a lot!

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Can’t wait! Great job as always @Asneed8706

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Inbound from RAF Mildenhall (EGUN) to Joint Base MCGuire (KWRI) in the “Fighting Falcon”. Just topped off over Wales with @Mags885, thank you sir and EAF. I’ll post some pictures later when finished. DODGE5 proceeding on course over the Atlantic! In need of tanker pilot flying the Blue Route at approximately Tuesday, May 14, 2019 9:22 AM.

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Safe onward journey, glad EAF could provide you with a service.

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Looking forward to an awesome flight! Excellent ATC control will be stellar as usual! Exciting! It will be a pleasure flying with the EURO guys again as well! Good times gents, good times!

Anybody up in the air right now? Trying to go direct from Andrews to Brize Norton in an F-16 and looking for refuels.

Several GAF tankers are occupying established routes built. You should make it very easily across the pond with the number of tankers airborne. Godspeed and safe travels!


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