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VA/VO Website/Crew Center Development Help

Hi, Everyone -

I have been getting a lot of requests recently for help developing VA/VO websites (Ex: Weebly, Squarespace, Google Sites, Webflow, etc.) or for helping customize a Crew Center once they bought it. Since there we so many requests, I just decided to make a small thread for users to come to if they are in need of assistance in developing a nice website for their VA/VO.

About American

I am the CEO of a VA. I have a lot of experience building websites, crew centers, Discord servers, Slacks, and more (I did almost all the development). With all of my experience from real life, and from the past year of my own VA development, I can offer you the skills and knowledge I have learned over the years.

If you want to read a full “about me” read my bio to learn more about me! This about me only specifies my VA/VO details, not my while user bio.

Why am I doing this?

Personally, when my VA was in the application process, I remember how hard it was to make a good website and crew center for my VA. I never really had anyone to help me get started or guide me in the right direction until later in the IFVARB process. I wanted to create this to help any users who are struggling with setting up a crew center (Flare, Discord, or Slack), or any website they are trying to make. This will help eliminate the stress I experienced trying to create a website/crew center all by yourself.

My goal by creating this thread is not to become famous, but to offer my knowledge and experience to the IFC and help it to the best of my ability. My overall goal on the IFC over time is to learn, teach, and improve the IFC to the best of my ability and I believe doing this will help me get one step closer to achieving that.

How does it work?

All you need to do is submit a reply down below or PM me privately regarding your question or website help request. I might be a little busy with my VA or IFATC training so do not expect me to reply right away, but I will reply sometime within the next 12 hours of your PM being sent.

If you have any questions leave them down below. If you have any requests for me please reply to this topic or shoot me a PM and I will be happy to help. Thank you for reading this thread and have a nice day.

Good idea, although this sounds a lot like the IFVARB Tech Team that we recently launched. 😬


Ay @Jon_H !

I wasn’t sure if they were only for IFVARB Approved VA/VOs or for everyone. I just have gotten like 10 PMs in the last week with either requests to make them a web or questions regarding specific things on webs I have made so I just thought I should make this haha.

Lol I just got a PM right now haha.


lol don’t you think by mentioning this, it’s making it look like the complete opposite?


I wanted to mention it so people knew I wasn’t. If I was I would have put all these social media links, cool banners, etc.

Not entirely true, but mkay…


I mean… cool?

PM’s are always open for a reason, I’m not sure why this needs to be brought to a public level, considering I assume the system you had before was working perfectly fine.


I didn’t put my specific VA either because it would look like advertising.

I wanted to put the info out so it was more structured rather than just random people PM me not knowing my experience or anything else and they would have to ask about it.

This makes it more efficient.

All I am doing is simply trying to help, I’m not sure why your thinking otherwise 🙂.

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Just a question…what makes your service more preferable rather than the IFVARB Tech Team or website creator tutorials?


I did not know if the tech team helped just anyone. I was thinking it would only help VA/VO in at least phase 2 of the application process.

I just don’t understand why your sorta criticizing me lol. I’m just trying to help, I’m not doing anything bad - at least I think.

Asking a question isn’t criticism, it’s asking for your perspective on a facet of your idea.


Oh wait I confused you with someone else haha, my by bad thunderbolt - haha.

Thank you for your offer of services. But there’s already a team chosen for their professionalism and skills by the IFVARB. You can apply to be part of that team if you would like.


By mentioning it, it’s making it look the reverse lol. Might as well have not mentioned it.

What correlation does banners have? People use banners to make threads look organized/better designed/easier to read, not for being famous.


I know how stressful it is to do the site alone from your VA/VO. Building the VO crew center I’ve been in from scratch since Backend to Frontend was frustrating but at the end of the job it was rewarding.

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Banners with social media links linked to them.

Okay, I will remove it then.

Since it really seems you don’t want it, bro, I guess I will just delete the whole thing - so chill.

Last I saw, you used a comma between those things.

Thank you, much appreciated.

I am chill. You don’t need to delete the whole thing, but take a moment to read what you’re posting before actually posting. You might just end up implying something that you didn’t intend to.