Service Issues

Hello! Unfortunately, as many of you are aware, there are a bunch of issues with our services that have appeared today.

Google Outage

Update: this has been working well for most of the day. We are monitoring and will let you know if any other issues arise!

Google is having issues and their servers are intermittently unavailable. This may affect you in multiple ways:

  • You may not be able to subscribe to Infinite Flight Pro on Android for the time being
  • You may not be able to login with Google on iOS or Android

We were also beginning to roll out our 20.3 update this morning on Android, but due to the Play Store being down for some, we have decided as a precaution to stop this roll out until we are confident we can release the update smoothly. We’re hoping to do this tomorrow.

Your subscription purchases will appear when services recover. If you see an announcement that we are fully operational and you do not see your subscription after an app restart, please contact support directly by email.

Expert Server issues

We experienced some trouble with our Expert Server this morning, unrelated to the app update. We are spending time today finding the cause to fix it before continuing with our update rollout.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding whilst we work through these issues. For the time being, please do not create new topics or send direct messages to staff or moderators for issues related to this.


Thanks for letting us know Cam! We are looking for the new update !😊👀


Ahhh, that’s unfortunate everything has to go down the day we get a new release. Anyway, Thanks for letting us know Cameron! I hope we can get a smooth release tomorrow or when it comes out😁


Damn, I wonder if people managed to cope for an hour without the internet?


Loved that image above 😉


Offline games.

or just sleeping 😂


EA’s services on XBOX are having issues as well and a couple of cloud services on my NAS have gone down too, so there seems to be more going on in terms of connectivity.

Hope it will all get sorted soon.


«An unprecedented incident: most of Google’s services, including YouTube and Gmail, experienced a major global outage at midday on Monday, December 14. Google indicated on its online dashboard that all of its services were affected, for "the majority of users »

At 1:31 p.m., however, the American giant reported that its services had already been restored for “some users” and that “the problem should soon be solved for all users”.

  • By « l’OBS »



Thanks for letting us know, I had no idea when 20.3 would come out but in a way this is good news.


It seems that YouTube and GMail are back up for me but other services are still down.

It means I can’t do the school work I need to do today but it doesn’t matter for one day.


Hi! So what about the IOS rollout? Will that be tomorrow?


I believe that is not in the hands of Infinite Flight as the App Store has to approve it. It is likely that different regions will get it at different times. It could be tomorrow, it could be later, we simply don’t know at this point. It would be great if we did but unfortunately we don’t :)


Ok, cool thanks! And let the refreshing the app store every 30 seconds begin! 🏁😝😂

Edit JK I have school 😂😒


I wouldn’t recommend it but you do you.


Thank you guys for the update, good luck in getting it fixed ASAP

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Glad you guys are trying your hardest to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Thanks for the update!


Thanks for the heads up. Just before I saw this. My work email and everything related to google was completely down. Everything has come back online about 6 minutes ago.


Wait it said that 20.3 was releasing to android. Does that mean IOS will be getting it. Or is it the private Beta