My Global server, live server ,and API SERVICE have been randomly cutting out and airports aren’t loading and app freezes occasionally. Is anyone else having their servers go out or is it just me

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Make sure that you are connected to a WiFi or a cellular network. @seanflynn

This is a connection related issue and make sure you have enough storage in order to load the scenery.

Lowering the graphic settings is advised when the app just “freezes”. We will need your device information for this.

There was issues with the servers before, but the Servers are functioning properly. Make sure once again to check the internet connection.

Once having a problem like this please Reinstall the application and restart your device. Let us know further if anything is wrong.

Please contact via E-Mail for further help issued by the staff. :)


Make sure your graphic settings are optimized for your device requirements.

Edit: I thought that because he says airports aren’t loading. Anyways, i hope that recover well.

Graphics settings does not affect server connectivity.


Thanks for the help, deleting and reinstalling seemed to do the trick:)

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