Just wondering with live, are there multiple servers (not just playground and advanced) like there are 100’s of servers that each have the 3 servers and if/how can you switch over

There are three servers, free flight, playground and advanced.

There is only one instace per “server”, so you can choose a friend and just select the same server and you’ll see each others :D

As Samuel said, those are dedicated servers.
-ATC Playground

However some servers are added for either certain events, training or experimentation.

There are just the Three. No more, no less. If you want to meet a friend just tell them to meet you at (airport) and (server).

There are acutully 4 but what ev’s the fourth just doesn’t show up til an FNF. And when you select live there is a server to the far right push it and it will bring up the different servers to choose from.

I would actually like to catch a glimpse at the actual servers. Hardware that is.

There are several more than 3 servers though… Don´t know the exact number though.

This server is no longer in operation;)

Olypmics server still used?


I bet you it comes back the next time we have a NOTAM FNF 😏

There are 4: Advanced, playground, free flight, and Olympic (only visible to those who signed up to join a team or be a spectator)

Tyler said that it won’t be coming back because they are stopping NOTAM’d events.

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