Hi guys, are the servers down for Live? I’m trying to get on but it’s been loading for the last 5mins. Is anyone else having the same problem?


Been happening a lot recently with the servers.
Yes I’m having that issue as well

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It’s been happening since yesterday to me and my wife’s account.

You should still be able to connect to Live despite the Airport status pages not loading

I have had the odd network connection drop this evening though, im sure its being looked into


That’s what’s been happening to me.

The screen prior to tapping fly has been empty all day for me but I’ve been able to connect and fly.


Don’t let that screen in your screenshot stop you from enjoying some flights on the servers 😉

Go have some fun and enjoy!


Great it worked thanks 😂

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Yeah I’ve been able to fly, just not see where people are flying lol. I don’t want to be all alone!! :’(


The liveflight app seems to be showing flights ok in the interim… lots of friends to be found in Socal TS1 😏

Not sure if its related, but I’ve been on ATC for several hours today(ground and tower) and my operations haven’t changed, I’ve restarted the app several times and still they haven’t increased. Just wondering if the it is also to do with the information not loading, and whether my operations will update at some time later?

Noticed a network connection problem earlier. Usually I can expect one per session but in the span of 26min I was experience 15min of disconnected time from the servers even while my wifi was working on my laptop right next to me. It really seemed like it was more on the server side rather than the wifi side.

So hard to perform ATC operations without knowing the status of the airspace. I wonder if the concerned people are looking into the issue to solve it as earliest as possible.