Servers down

Anyone else having issues connecting to the server?

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No, i’m just connected to Training. Expert is working as well.

Check your connection, are you in WiFi or cellular?

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No, for me not. Make sure you have stable connection. Also what server?

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Nope, working fine for me.

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nope still can track my flight so its online

Mine isn’t working on expert, scenery cache, the works without restarting the app. Im Qatari 763 approaching CYQB Quebec

Can’t find me on Liveflight, I’m between the water into quebec. I can see what air traffic is active, but not any orpther aircraft.

Now I’m in and out… Sorry for the ridiculous typing in in a rush to type it lmao.

Wifi netowrk, ive had this problem a few times, but it magically appears on my approach seversl times.

Yes! My flight has just been terminated after an hour of flying

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