Servers down?


By launching IF, I have this error message that appears. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restart my phone, disable the wifi, reactivate the wifi and always the same: / How can I fix it? !

Device Information :

Device : SM-A530F
Android Version : 8.0.1


Have you updated IF to its latest app store version? If not, go into your devices play store and update Infinite Flight.

Never heard of this error before, nor am I an Android person but have you had this problem with other apps or just IF? and how long has this error been happening?

It’s a server restart it happens almost everyday

Is that what happened? I was airborne and all other aircraft disappear though all of my check marks were green. Upon approach I noticed KMEM was nonexistent and now that I think about it, neither was any other airfield. I also noticed my headwinds had not changed from FL380 to the ground. 41kts on touchdown. I also could not broadcast any message on Unicom. Upon touchdown the camera kept glitching and it was calling out β€œ300. 100. 50. 500. 100. 50. 20. 10. 100.”

Never experienced this before.

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Ok that is strange. Have you contacted anyone about that?

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