Servers down?

Are the severs down at the moment


Close the app and restart. Let us know if you get into the server once you relaunch the app.


No they are not. I’m currently flying SFO-DEN with no problems. I think you need to restart your app.

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I’m getting the same. Refreshed the app 4 times and tried restarting my iPad. Nothing.

@Riley Try closing the app and then do a full shutdown of your device. Relaunch IF thereafter.

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I had it restarted and was fine

That’s what I did twice.

Temp issues I’m getting same

It’s happened to me before. Just restart the app

The servers are pretty busy at the moment. For the time being, reset your router and restart your device and app after that. Also try spawning in at another airport that is less busy.

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Laura is investigating this now.


It’s not my router it’s the server. I’ll just give it some time.


Just went to try again. Fine on my end now.

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