Servers Down as of 21:05Z

Lost all aircraft as ATC, and couldn’t log back on

I was down for a minute, I’m back up now.

I just had a long period where my live server was offline, just reconnected tho!

Will try logging back on

Servers are back in for me

This can be closed

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1905Z was little over 2hrs ago? But given the posts, i assume this happened now?


I had the same issue, reconnected now.

My Zulu skills are rusty, I mean right now yes, I’m

Yes, a few minutes ago

Just reconnected right about now, i lost connections about 10 minutes ago.

Okay, auto restart probably.

Note for future reference;
Please include which live server. We have three :)


Will do

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it was the expert server. i lost connection from it 10 mins ago and just got it back

Same case for mine.