Is global server gone or is it just me having issue currently


Yeah, looks like the servers are currently down for a number of people.

  • The staff team have been notified and will be on the issue soon so let’s just sit tight while they work their magic :)


Darn this delayed my flight realistic though but still delayed

Yup… Not working.


We’re looking into right now and will get back to you as soon as we have something!
Sorry about the inconvenience.


It’s not a problem. Take ur time

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Yup guys servers are down for everyone. I might not affect people who are currently flying but they won’t be see other players as well as the live system. However I will come back very soon as dvs prob know what’s going on

Yeah same here. I was gonna start my long haul flight and then sleep. Now I have to wait or just forget it. It’s like 2am here

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@Vignesh_S Same I scheduled my departure wheels up at 1:15am CST

It is down… this is so devestating it is like the end of the world is near lol just kidding I know the amazing team is figuring out the problem :)

My Passengers are waiting in the terminal for further information

Ya I have the same thing happening to me


It should be better now. Everything is getting back up from what i can see :)


Looks like it’s back up, I just got on.

Looks like my delay won’t be as long :)

Hey, I can see it’s working now.
It shows active ATC at OMDB.

It’s back up thank you all of you guys for supporting this post 💪

yay! @schyllberg saves the day once again. thanks!

Same I was planning on doing UUEE-KJFK

Just finished bunch of touch and goes and found out lost connection :(