Server won’t conncet

I’m running the latest version of IF and whenever I try to fly online on training server using mobile data it says failed to connect on the top right corner please help

Make sure you have a good connection.

I do it just won’t connect to the live server

He’s using mobile data.

Can someone please help with this ASAP

Who is your mobile provider?
Also, we need to know what steps you have taken so far such as have you tried a restarting your device?

Should I clear the cache I’m on iPhone 6

For starters try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work then you can try to clear your device’s network settings.

iOS Settings -> General-> Reset -> Reset Network Settings

Okay done but still dose not work

Is the live server red in the upper right corner of your screen?

Yes everything else is green except that

Okay, this may happen from time to time but continue on with your flight.

I’ve done like 20 minute flights and it won’t connc

Try connecting to a different airport after you restart your device.

Okay let me give it a try


I suspect that you are using T-Mobile.
T-Mobile have chosen to configure their data network in a way that unfortunately is incompatible with the Live servers. The developers have been looking into a solution, but for the time being there is no solution for this other than either using a VPN or Wifi.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


I actually am can I use a VPN with mobile data ?

VPNs can be had on your iOS device by downloading VPN apps from the App Store or by configuring your own VPN configuration profile in the device’s Settings app. Most of the time, downloading a VPN service from the App Store is the easiest route to take. (an example is TunnelBear)

Take a look at this website for other apps:

If you want to do the a bit more complicated way, check this out:

Yes I know how to use vpns