Server with problems (expert server)

Hello, I had not seen information about or related topic, this is the second time this has happened to me on a flight to airports controlled by ATC where there is greater traffic. My problem was getting disconnected for nothing or appearing disconnected.

follow the screenshots:

this is the second time that after leaving the airport runway I simply cannot communicate with ATC or see other players that are there…
My internet was fine the entire flight was fine, after exiting the flight my loading screen froze! So I have no idea if my landing or xp was counted.

after restarting the application I normally enter Hong Kong and was able to communicate and see other aircraft around. And my WiFi was normal.

But coming back after I landed something happened and I got confused. Before landing I used the Cabin Camera but when using it after being “disconnected” it disappeared!

I created this topic with the intention of reporting these 2 Problems that happened for no reason because they don’t happen during the entire flight.

Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: iOS 16.5


I ended up having this problem of being disconnected too, I was doing a live streaming of an international flight from Abu Dhabi to New York, when 11 and a few hours of flight had passed, my live Server crashed out of nowhere and did not come back! in order not to have to close the live and play 11 hours away, I had to take off from any airport to at least have a taste of finishing such a long flight! please help us!!! 😐 (DEVICE: SAMSUNG S10e / OPERATING SYSTEM: ANDROID 12)

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Don’t worry, these bugs work when they are close to an update, the same thing always happens

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like i said it happened 2 times at different times it’s not every flight but it happens rarely.

Thanks to the server problem, a situation came to me… I found out today that I received a violation on this flight, even though I was disconnected!!! The Server failed and left me in the lurch causing an error for both me and ATC and a User who was at the gate I stopped at.

while on my screen I was disconnected, for the other people who were there, they could see me on the map, but I didn’t see anyone, much less could I receive or send to ATC.

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