Server Update

Good morning. I am currently enroute to Dublin from JFK and I received a comm message about the server being updated in 2 minutes, and it stated Infinite Flight will reconnect automatically. Will this end my flight or will the flight continue and update when I closeout this flight?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t be alarmed. Continue ;)

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Im on now its going again

No worries! You may get disconnected for a bit but you will reconnect :)

Don’t worry it will reconnect and not end your flight

Thanks @Levet, proceeding on course. I suppose you can close this, since it was answered.

Hmm, the update just finished and was it @Laura doing this update?

As it being updated because of this? Just landed in IAH and literally had no clue where I was. Only reason I found the runway was due to auto land. Figured it was a bug.

Looks like no visibility here.

The low visibility at KIAH has nothing to do with the server update.

KIAH 201553Z 15006KT 0SM BR OVC003 16/16 A3012 RMK AO2 SFC VIS 1 RAE01 SLP199 P0000 T01560156


Okay thanks. Was curious haha.