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Hi there! I was thinking that IFC should have a thread where we tell Staff if there are any issues within the Live Server. This could clear the threads regarding issues with logging in. Mods can then collect info if it is happening on one specific device and then can tell staff. Just like other forums (Fortnite) they have Live Server Statistics Page, which tells people if there is any problems with:

  1. Logging in

  2. Weather

  3. Live Servers

  4. etc…

This can help clear the forum and can let people know if there is anything wrong with specific details. This could be relayed to the pubic as a banner, or within the thread.



Isn’t that what #live, #support, or #announcements is for?


We could just have 1 topic for it, rather than 100 in 4 months

But then #live, #announcements, and #support would be useless. Also, there aren’t that many bugs in Infinite Flight thanks to our fantastic global beta team.


I’m talkin about specific problems, not big things. Like if the servers are down, not if a wing has dissapeared

Sorry to say, but it won’t work.

First of all, approximately 95% (probably more) of the topics created and related to connectivity issues in #support are on the users end. Not on the server side. How to even start filtering through what’s “legit” and what’s not?

We have that, even though not on the forums. But it’s in the app as you all know :)


That’s when Laura would post that in #announcements and make that a banner on IFC.

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If we have a major issue, this is usually what happens:

  1. The forum blows up.
  2. The issue is usually acknowledged by any of us moderators.
  3. If they’re not already aware, a moderator usually contacts anyone in the FDS staff immediately to notify them.
  4. A banner is put up on the forums and in some cases, an announcement is published on various social media.

It works pretty good in my opinion.


All good guys! Thanks for the feedback.


Agreed. Mabye users just need to be more informed of device capabilities and a drilled in effort to inform users of self configurations. If you have an internet connection that is low or a device that is not “top notch” settings of graphics to low/medium and removing extras such as airplane dots and such will 99% of the time (untested stats) fix the problem(s).

You mean like we already have in the pinned topics in #support ;)

Yes. Exactly. Unfortunately not every member is apart of the forum but promoting the forum would be a good idea as well as there is absolutely no information about the forum in the simulator itself except an "about"option. I was able to learn about the community forum after I already had a subcription for some time but that was after independent research. My recommendations…make them both an option in the simulator visible withing the app as a seperate option visible as perhaps…‘Join the Forum’. Or add the configuration recommendations options within the simulator itself. Just my humble opinion of course.

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That’s another discussion, but you won’t hear any arguments from me :)
The tutorials section is the only thing i know of (don’t count the various error messages) that refers to the forum.

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Maybe when someone gets ghosted. Their logbook could have a link to the forums or a link to a specific topic that would answer their questions on what happened. Especially with speed violation, any violation for that matter.

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