Server shown as offline

Just wondering is anyone else has a red exclamation point on the live server? It’s been happening since 2 days now and i can’t seem to find a fix. I restarted the app, restarted my tablet,and even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it back, and still nothing.
I am running android 13, one UI 5.1 on the galaxy tab S8

The problem you explained, may be your internet. 2nd option on what is causing this issue that you have probably turned off Wi-Fi in your tablet fully without noticing.
If any help needed, please respond and I will be happy to help you!

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As @YT_Sniegutizzz says, looks to be a internet issue and not an issue with the IF servers as far as my experience over the past couple of days goes anyways.

Try the steps as mentioned above and make sure your device is actually connected to the internet via WI-FI or mobile data.

Another thing to check is your router. Make sure it’s running as it should be for whatever package you may have with your ISP and if not get in contact with them to resolve the issue with your internet.

Sometimes the good ol’ reboot the router works a treat so maybe even try that.

Also remember that pausing IF for a period of time while in multiplayer may cause you to see the red exclamation mark or a few seconds but it should go back to a green tick.

Let us know how you get on & hope you get the issue resolved. 😃

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Heyy, no my wifi on my tablet is on, but you might be right, could be an internet problem. But it’s wierd that every other app works perfectly fine with the wifi on, it’s just infinite flight…

Let me try the reboot option and i will keep you guys updated, appreciate you guys helping out🙏🏾😉

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I am having same issues. Ive tried multiple devices and multiple internet connections.


Happens often lately

Rebooted my internet and sadly nothing changed☹️

At least i’m not the only one🥲

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