Server seems laggy

When I’m ingame, the network symbol in the top right is orange a lot. And planes keep rubberbanding. Is it me or do others experience this as well. I don’t think it’s my fast wifi.

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I’m currently not able to access my Live account.
Still connecting…

I get lot of time on orange too.

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Alright, it’s a server problem then. Haven’t played today thanks to this. I hope they fix it soon :)

I keep disconnecting too.

This is the last thing I want. If Dev do poll today “good server or A320” I would pick server. Hope they are working on something hence downtime.

Only one way to find out ;)

  • Good server
  • A320

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(disclaimer: don’t take this seriously; server issues will be fixed as soon as possible, and A320 will come soon, just a bit of fun)


The ppl voting against server don’t have LIVE. :D

Those results would be interesting if the A320 was only available for Live ;)

Anyway, back on topic - have you had improvement in the server connectivity?

I’ve brought it up, let’s see what’s happening…

20 aircrafts and no ATC in SoCol this time of the day? Something wrong. @carmalonso checkout this website it’s kool

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Wow, cool site! ;)


Eeeeie my like ratio down to 1to1. I got more enemies now, I’m working on it :p

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Nope - unfounfortunately no improvements.

My net connection down from usual but 30mb should be more then enough ;)