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I think I just changed it to live, I don’t know if if worked so if I didnt then please let me know.

Thanks, JamesQFA380.

Also make sure you have your engines started and are in noticable motion of at least two knots when spawning at smaller uncontrolled airports where you start directly on the runway or else that could be considered runway idling by the system

Flipping your spitfire on its roof when you land gets you aerobatics violations, I know from bitter experience.


Excessive speed in a controlled airspace will also grant you a ghost. Probably should add that to your list :).

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As long as you land below ninety knots and keep your wings level and your nose high before you touchdown…and throttle back enough for your tailwheel to stabilize until you drop below about thirty knots…then you will rarely tip over unless you are fighting a moderate crosswind

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Thank you for that. I tend to land it more times that kill myself now but its still i am rubbish and grass tends to feature in my landings. Not like them commercial things in IF that virtually fly themselves in comparison. You’ve inspired me to have another go. I’ll take on your advice.


yep make you think that back in 1940 there where kids of 18, 19 and 20 who were flying these things (and fighting in them) with less than 100 hours in their log books!

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Isn’t this on the case when the airport ATC is active have not cleared you to line up and wait?

Well wouldn’t you expect that to be considered an aerobatic manoeuvre?

I’ll consider it but that sounds like the taxi violation + who’s going that fast on the ground?!

Probably it is similar in construct… but l am referring to an automatic system violation after initial spawning for not being in motion on a runway at an uncontrolled airport

Wait so you can get violated for being idle on a runway even when ATC isn’t active?

Following situation: You are flying over night from A to B (e.g. OMDB to KLAX). Suddenly you are passing an active airport and ATC is asking you to “Contact … on …”. You are not replying as you are sleeping.
Will this not replying to ATC result in a violation/ ghosting on Expert?

As long as you are above 18K …l don’t think there will be a problem even if approach is active …there are plenty of IFATC though that can better answer your query

In most cases airport airspaces go from SFC (surface) to a certain altitude (for example 18,000ft or 10,000ft) so if you are flying over active airspace then you should be at cruising altitude (if you’re asleep) and so therefore they shouldn’t ghost you. Also I don’t recommend going to sleep or being distracted, I am currently down to a grade 2 with 46 violations with all of them being as a result of me not being able to monitor the flight almost constantly.

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No it will not; unless you interfere with other traffic.

Ground speed is the speed relative to the ground while flying.

And, after talking to a few people, I’d also like to clarify my previous comment - excessive speed in a controlled airspace can be reason for a ghost, the 550knots rule was revoked when global was release, but a rule about “excessive speed” remains in place.

Reference post:

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As it says in the description, would you like to add the fact that on Casual you’re meant to be courteous to other pilots?

I don’t think that needs to be added, that’s just a general thing in every aspect of life. Thanks anyway.

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