Server rule violators

Are we allowed to report people violating the rules of the server on the forum? (Transregional flight on advanced, etc)

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I would say no, otherwise the forum will become like a “wall-of-shame”. Also we are all out there flying to have fun not to be a police-man-in-the-air.


Does it impact game performance for others or something?

For people playing as ATC, yes

Good to know… Never tried it before but, the topic seems to arise a lot more as of late.

suggest rather than putting posts about it on the forum, that more people use the report user button on the map page!

What happens to the person then? what does it do to them?

if three different people ‘report user’ then they are ghosted, lose standing and I think lose XP (not sure on that last point or how long they are ghosted for!)