Server Restarts

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend and looking forward to holidays (or having your holiday now)! When i fly, there have been announcements from atc that’s the servers are restarting. I’ve had this happen around 4 times before. Usually it’s followed by a message from laura. I’m just wondering what this is and what it does.

I didn’t want to put this in support because there is no issue.


When a message comes through about a server restart, it is a serverwide message from Laura or another Developer that a server is restarting. When this occurs, you should continue your flight… But your connection will drop for about a minute or two and all aircraft around you will disappear and ATC will disconnect; until the serve reconnects again.

A server restart is currently needed as there are multiple reports of an issue that is holding people in the connecting/loading screen.


It’s so the servers stay fast, as they always are. It’s like if you haven’t restarted your computer in a while, it slows down.

Adding on to what Baloon chaser said it’s best to not restart the app or flight just wait for the connection to return.


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