Server question and improvements

Hi all of the IF Staff,

I used the Infinite Flight app for a long while. However, i had just some questions about the casual server and the improvements here.

Recently, I used the casual server to flying online and there is a internet connection error issue causing may failure to reconnecting to live server after played over 9 hours. Otherwise i cannot be able to loading textures or doing something else.

Besides, some of the pilots were misbehaving during taking-off or taxiing on London Heathrow Airport or other airports. It is mostly recommend to prevent all of the pilots misbehaving in the future. We had a lot of improvement of the live server after the next update.

Lastly, More Pilots commands will be added to casual server for the next update - it will be added shortly as like a training or expert server. The pilots will be no longer to taking-off or taxiing directly.

It is just having a good suggestions to make sure the IF app updated to the latest version, so make sure the ATC control will be available on casual server shortly. From until then, the pilots will strongly following the rules and then to prevents misbehaving and make the casual server better in the future.

We hope you to make the game even better! Thank you for the understanding.

That’s the point of the Casual Server - for people to have a place where there is no ATC, no rules and can have some fun and mess around.

Lmfao it is normal to see pilots misbehaving in the Casual Server

Yes, even the staff at IF like to mess around sometimes on there. Especially during the old FNF.

And if you look in the ‘Causal Server’ description it says “just have fun” or something along them lines.


I remember the Whacky Racing events which would take place on the Casual Server - it being absolute chaos and also being the only time you could do dumb stuff in front of a moderator and not get reported 🤣


That was great 🙌

Hopefully we see more in the upcoming future

I hope so.

How do you expect people that have never flown before with zero experience to learn how to fly if there isn’t a server like that?

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I chooses the casual server from now on and we’re recommended to cleaning up the mess around the casual server in the future so that the pilot will strongly following the rules to prevent the pilots were misbehaving. Besides, If i wanted to control the ATC, which is the suggestion server and the grade requirements?

Hi man, as the name suggests it’s a server where everyone can do what they want without having penalties, it would be useless to make a bis training server.
If you want to play like a pro, go fly on the expert server.

This has been answered multiple times now but I’ll say it again for clarity - the casual server is meant to be chaos. The fact is that we all like having a bit of fun and doing ridiculous things in aircraft simply because it would never happen in the real world. That is what casual server is for. If you’d like a more realistic experience, work your way up to Grade 3 and the expert server, which we actively police.