Server Proposal

Hello Everyone,

As I have been scrolling around the IFC, I have noticed an increased amount of people dissatisfied about the trolling and the skill gap in the training server. I have been thinking hard and have a way to remedy this concern.

If another server is added, it may solve the problem. There could be a casual server, beginner server, training server, and expert server. The main difference would be in the beginner and training servers.

The casual server will remain without ATC and without regulation and will be a place where pilots can do as they please.

The beginner server will introduce ATC which will be for all learning pilots and controllers. Violations would occur for the basic rule infractions.

The training server would be for intermediate pilots and would be controlled by only TSATC members. TSATC would have the ability to give additional violations on top of the current ones in place but not be able to report. Once a pilot hits 5 violations in one session, a system ghost would occur.

The expert server would remain as normal with the same IFATC functions.

As normal, IFATC and TSATC would remain in their respected servers without interfering with each other.

I hope you guys agree with this idea as I believe it could decrease the skill gap for the training server and more serious controllers could feel more in control on the training server.

Good idea, but didn’t the last version of this get closed?

As I read that, I interpreted that TSATC and observer controllers would remain on the same server but TSATC would get more privileges on that same server with beginning controllers which could be less beneficial to the new controllers. Also TSATC reports would count as a ghost but wouldn’t make them invisible to others.

In my plan, it’s not a ghost it is a violation which goes away in 7 days as reports can last for 2 years. Also, TSATC would get a different server than observer controllers so that they can each benefit by beginning controllers have a chance to learn without the pressure of TSATC and the TSATC controllers can be more in control


TSATC reporting - #2 by Ash_Rand

This is sorta different - and I like it - and it would mean taking the trolling over to the “beginner” server so people can actually learn on the “training” server.

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There are several factors that can influence the addition of this feature.

If TSATC are granted the ability to ghost/violate I wouldn’t find it personally fair for other TS controllers. This is why IFATC exists. IFATC is the only form of ATC on ES and if we have TSATC and random controllers It would make mess, likely due to the fact that there are 2 types of controllers; where one can ghost and the other can’t.

I think that if TSATC are granted such features, all TS controllers should be granted such features too. This would in correspondence (could) then become a troll, because the controllers could randomly ghost pilots.

In my opinion ghosts on TS will never happen, and I’m personally against that. While I like realism and so do others, there is already a dedicated server for this. We would be mimicking the ES just with less experienced controllers and pilots.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good idea, I just dont see how it would be implemented by the side of the expert server.

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Thanks for your feedback. This change, if it ever happened wouldn’t affect me as I am an IFATC controller or anyone else on the expert server. I came up with the idea so that hopefully others can be happy and that their frustration isn’t answered by “just join IFATC” or “There’s nothing you can do”


Which is why I like this feature. I agree that many people are being disappointed by the experiences and I am one of those controllers on TS that I always try to give them the best experience when possible (when I control.) Please keep in mind that was just my personal opinion about it. I’m looking forward to the future of this feature!

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Oh I agree with you. We would have to find a way for some enforcement to be made without affecting the stats of a pilot. 😊


I like this idea. Instead of the current system where people who want to train to be IFATC or fly on expert server may have to endure the trolls on the training server, a fourth server should be added between training and expert to allow pilots and ATC to train without trolls in order to prepare for expert server.

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I feel like having to many server will make airspace’s less busy which is no fun

However, the servers are very expensive, so this might have to come with an increase in subscription cost though!?🤔

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That’s true

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Nah let’s talk about the expert server after the IFATC left and the other aircraft immediately wants to go thru me.


Unfortunately, the sad reality is that some may disregard the rules when no one is watching. That’s the world we live in but objectively, I don’t believe this aircraft was trolling but rather was not paying attention to their surroundings. (Would still earn a ghost if Ifatc was there)


Others made some good points but I’ll add some of my own:

For this to happen, they need to be trained and informed of the ways in which violations should be imposed on pilots. Who is going to train them? Who is going to reverse the report if they make the wrong decision?

You may not know this but if you click here, you will see that TSATC has ceased operations. In any case, the training server should be a medium where both pilots and ATCs alike are able to learn and develop without fear of being penalized unless they blatantly disrupt the enjoyment of others.

Training server is exactly that. Training. I agree that sometimes people are a little inconsiderate to others, however there isn’t really much you can do. If another server is built, I really don’t think that it will make a difference, ‘beginners server’ will simply become the state that Training Server is in now, or worse.

Aside from that, if you know anything about servers, you would know that they are extremely expensive to run:

  • They require constant electricity (and a lot of it!)
  • They need constant maintenance
  • They are expensive just to buy
  • You need to buy server space

All of this may ultimately put the price of the subscription up (as said previously). Some may struggle already to pay it, so increasing it further would just not be beneficial.

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Introducing an intermediate server might give users a reason not to improve their understanding and experience level. Yes trolls on TS are quite frustrating but it’s pushing users to train hard to get on ES ASAP. It also deter ES users from trolling and risk getting back to TS for a year or even a week.

So keeping TS as it is now, is beneficial to both sides :)


Sorry to say but some people never learn. Had two people, taxi over grass, then takeoff going through me. Told the proper person, nothing was done. But as said above, servers aren’t cheap. Improvements can be made to all servers. But just my opinion:)

That’s true, some do trolls on ES but don’t always get away with it. They will be back to TS before they know it :)