Server Problems

I was just using infinite flight loading in as a dash 8 at Phoenix Sky Harbor and I couldn’t tap on a waypoint to make a flight plan or see anyone else and when I went to tap the menu button everything disappeared except my plane and scenery then it said I didn’t have an account I tried to re-login and the button was glitched it just came back and didn’t do anything after I pressed it. This happened for about 10 minutes and I finally got logged in again but the same problem came back after I loaded in again… what’s going on?

This same thing is happening with me. I am very distraught because my Infinite Flight Pro is about to run out and I haven’t been able to fly much at all due to problems. I have done everything that everyone has told me to do, I’ve reinstalled the update 3 times now, and restarted my device more times than I can count.

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These are just server issues, hey affect people trying to connect but not people who are online. Wait. It. Out

My Infinite Flight just crashed, I was flying JFK-FCO and now when I try to open the app it says connection problems, glad I’m not the only one

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Brace for Impact, Global was just released on Android, things are about to get very clogged…


Yikes im flying right now! Hope everything is smooth!